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The Boat Shed Cradle Mountain Tasmania. A look across the water to the famous boat shed locate on dove lake at the foot of Cradle mountain.
Cradle Mountain in Autumn. by Diemen Design

Places to visit around Cradle Mountain

Published: Apr 15th, 2022 12:11 AM

The Cradle Mountain area has a surprising number of activities to visit and occupy your time when visiting and staying with us here at Cradle Mountain Fishery and Camping.

Beside's enjoying a spot of fishing, either for fun or for your dinner, enjoying the walking track, and relaxing around our dam and property, there's plenty to do and enjoy around the area we live and share with our guests. Below are some popular and well-known activities.


Rednex Paintball Website
Rednex Paintball
The Rednex Paintball field was built, to offer the most realistic combat simulation facility within the paintball industry. Let’s imagine the game where you’re combining the talent of a movie maker and the vision of a sophisticated paintball player. It takes you only one step to get to the war zone and try out the best combat experience.
Devils @ Cradle Website
Devils @ Cradle
Devils @ Cradle is a unique Tasmanian conservation sanctuary located at the entrance to the spectacular World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain National Park. Whilst they concentrate primarily on the Tasmanian devil, the sanctuary is also home to the closely related Spotted-tail and Eastern quolls. Tasmania’s three largest carnivorous marsupials are all now threatened in one way or another in the wild.
Cradle Mountain Canyons
Cradle Mountain Canyons
Launch yourself off waterfalls, abseil down cliffs and shoot through nature's waterslides. Canyoning is the most exciting way to experience the World Heritage wilderness at Cradle Mountain.
No experience is necessary and we give you everything you need - just bring bathers, towel and a drink bottle and we'll sort the rest. We even provide photos of the tour at no extra cost, so you can focus your energy on the fun stuff.
Cradle Country Adventures
Cradle Country Adventures
Horse back and quad bike tours on the edge of the World Heritage Area. These guys take great tours across the Speeler Plain, with views to Cradle Mountain - a spectacular place that virtually no one else goes to.
Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery
Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery
An 18 room gallery with fantastic art and wilderness photography located at the Cradle Mountain Hotel. There is often an artist in residence working away out the back. Well worth a look.

Food and Eating

Wilmot Hills Orchard & Distillery Website
Wilmot Hills Orchard & Distillery
Cellar Door Located in the picturesque rolling hills of the North West Tasmania near Lake Barrington with stunning views of Mount Roland and surrounding mountains, 38 km south of Devonport. A warm welcome is extended to all visitors by the new owner Jo who has been operating the business at Wilmot Hills Orchard and Distillery since the beginning of 2019.

Here are some interesting things about and around Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is situated in the northwestern section of Tasmania, and the area is especially close to the Granite Tor Conservation Area. Cradle Mountain is also located near the Dove River Forest Reserve.

According to geographical surveys, Cradle Mountain has a height of 1,545 meters above sea level. Some experts believe that the peak was significantly higher when the mountain originally formed.

Cradle Mountain was created when a large continent began to break apart and several landmasses collided which gradually created the mountains in the area. When Cradle Mountain was forming, magma consistently seeped from many cracks in the ground. Therefore, the lava created igneous rock that slowly accumulated in the area.

Cradle Mountain formed more than 170 million years ago, and various reports have indicated that nearby mountains also formed in the Mesozoic Era. During this time period, magma gradually created dolerite, which is a type of rock that has improved the long-term durability of Cradle Mountain.

The area is a haven for many types of animals, and the region features unique flowers, beautiful rivers, unspoiled wilderness and many old trees. Recently, forest fires have affected numerous reservations in Tasmania; however, the forest fires have not reached Cradle Mountain.

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